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Ormsby Artist - Graham Greene
Graham Greene

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Graham Greene

Graham Greene rose to prominence in the West Australian music scene through the 80s and 90s as guitarist for bands such as Flash Harry and Ice Tiger, the latter going on to record an internationally released album, Love'n'Crime. His catalogue of solo work since then has ranged from New-Age Ambient to Progressive Rock, but it is as Australia's answer to Steve Vai and Joe Satriani that he is best known.

Graham came to Ormsby Guitars after years of endorsements with major overseas brands. With Perry Ormsby, he co-designed Ormsby Guitars' first signature series instruments - the GG6 six-string and GG7 seven-string guitars, which were released in December 2005.
Graham's 2006 CD Leap Of Face featured a selection of Ormsby guitars being put through their paces as well as his own signature instruments, and showcased an artist committed to his craft, his industry, and his new guitar company.

Of late, Graham has been in pre-production for the new Jac Dalton album, formed a new band: Reasonance Project, co-designed the new GG6-FG signature series guitar, and awarded the prestigious Best Rock Instrumental at the Star Music Awards in Hollywood.

Visit the official Graham Greene website: www.grahamgreene.com.au

Graham on MySpace: www.myspace.com/grahamgreene


Kelly Garni

Kelly Garni is a founding member of Quiet Riot, and is currently in No Sky Today and Kingscrossing.

Kelly came to Ormsby Guitars in early 2009 with an unusual request. He had an item of significant importance, and wanted it featured in a stunning instrument no musician would ever forget. That got our attention... we can work with that!

What we didn't know at the time, was that Kelly had been referred to us by the knowledgable folk at the official Randy Rhoads Forum, due to our work on what we believe to be the world's most accurate Polka Dot Vee replicas.
Why the Randy Rhoads forum? Well, Kelly founded the band Quiet Riot with Randy Rhoads back in 1975. During a band scuffle years later, Randy's long finger nail was broken off. Aafterwards when the two best friends made up, it was jokingly decided to keep the broken thumbnail. Randy soon went off to join Ozzy Osbourne's new band, Blizzard Of Ozz, relocating to England. Two blisteringly good albums later, he was taken from us forever in a horrendous plane crash.

What Kelly didn't know at the time we first spoke, was that Perry considered himself the world's biggest Randy Rhoads fan. He wanted his work to stand up on it's own merit, and not because of some crazy obsession, so he didn't reveal he knew all the legends, all the stories, and even had his left arm tattoo's with Randy's portrait!

In the end, possibly one of the most amazing basses was built for Kelly, as a tribute to Randy Rhoads. It features a stunning blue Quilted Maple and Tasmanian Blackwood body, Flame Maple neck, and some very special, personal touches.
Firstly, on the back, is a laser etched portrait of Randy Rhoads, next to a timber control cavity cover, etched with the quote "Five years from now I'd love to have people know me as a guitar hero - Randall William Rhoads". Five years? He already was... Next, we cut a cavity hidden within the body, and covered by the top, which houses the entire body of music Kelly and Randy wrote together for Quiet Riot, all saved on Microfische film for prosperity. Also within this cavity, is a touching final note, from Kelly, to his best friend.
The Ebony fretboard features the full transcribed intro to Hey Joe, by Jimi Hendrix. This was the first song Randy taught Kelly how to play. On the side, are optic fibre lights, to guide Kelly on stage. The headstock, features a plectrum shaped cutout, permanently housing Randy's thumbnail embedded in resin. His DNA, on stage again.

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Ormsby Artist - Kelly Garni
Kelly Garni