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Aug 2011
Moved to the new factory. NO MORE FACTORY TOURS or "pop ins". Sorry guys, but I need to get some work done!

May 2011
Sandro's guitar delivered. Also, Perry gets married. It was a rock n roll theme with over 350 guests, circus freak performers, and some of the hottest bands around! Here. Closed for Perry's honeymoon. USA - LA, Vegas, Baltimore, NY

April 2011
Sandro's guitar is nearly finished... looking good! We say goodbye to Toby. Thanks Toby. He's going off to do his own thing.

March 2011
A flim crew

Feb 2011
Guitar courses running smoothly. I've been adjusting them slightly each time to give a better faster, cleaner result. Check them out here

Oct 09
Started the next model in the Standard Series, the SX. This is for the guys who want something a little more modern looking. There will be two versions, a hardtail and Floyd Rose equipped. Tony took possession of his awesome purple SS. Killer! Jesse joined the team, so output should increase leading up to xmas.
Mega Music have taken on a couple Standard Series DC models, and a CustomShop Multiscale SX8. Check them out.

Sept 09
Feedback from the first prototypes in the new Standard Series has been overwhelming. No changes needed apparently! The DC model has been signed off: Tasmanian Blackwood body and set neck, oiled finish, Pigtail bridge, Gotoh machineheads, and our own handwound humbuckers. $2390 with an optional flame maple and gloss finish top for $2890
We welcome Kosmic Sound to the list of Ormsby authorised dealers this month. Kosmic have come on board stocking our pickups.

Aug 09
AMAC! Headed over to the Gold Coast for the AMAC show, and brought a bunch of guitars and pickups with us. Responce was great, and hopefully we'll have some east coast stores stocking our guitars and pickups very soon. First of the new Standard Series have been completed, and we are showing these to people for feedback right now.
We welcome Mega Music to the list of Ormsby authorised dealers this month. Mega Music have come on board stocking our pickups.

July 09
Back from the USA and back into it. Started the first of the revised 'Standard Series'. More about these once they are released, but basically it's all the Ormsby quality, without the CustomShop features and lengthy wait times. Two models, the DC and the SX. Full details soon.

June 09
USA! Hand delivered Kelly Garni's (Quiet Riot) bass this month. Kelly is in Vegas, so we spent some time over there, but most of the trip was spent in Los Angeles. Signed a distribution deal, and more about that once we've built the guitars :)
Also this month we started shooting the new Guitar Babes calendar for 2010. Oh my, you should see these girls!!

May 09
A flim crew has been in the workshop lately, filming for a documentry on a very special instrument we are building. Can't reveal too many details just yet, but: It's an eight string, and will include an inlay of the likes never seen or attempted before. This bass has a huge sentimental value to me already, in fact the vibe of the bass is the entire reason I started being interested in guitars back when I was just a teenager. The lucky client? Mr. Kelly Garni (Quiet Riot).

April 09
Recorded all the pickups samples this month, with the help of Graham Greene, Toby Copley, and new endorsee Grant Touchell. We used a Mesa Boogie Road King for the clean tones, Ulbrich Arena 50 for the cintage dirty sounds, a Bad Cat Lynx for a hotter tone, and a Peavey 5150 mkI for the high gain stuff. Every pickup was recorded through the same series of amps (EQ settings were left the same), the same guitar (Toby's Blue DC CustomShop), the same cabinet, the same microphone and even the same riffs. They sound HOT!

March 09
After a bunch of new prototypes, we've decided to add two more pickups to the initial line-up to be released soon. The Hybrid, with mismatched coils and a unique wind, sounds great as a humbucker (moderate output), but really shines when split. We spent a LOT of time trying to get great single coil style sounds from a split humbucker, and this is without a doubt the best example we have come across so far.
Also added is the Master Blaster, a hard hitting mofo of a pickup. 16k with either Alnico 5 or Ceramic magnet option gives this baby the balls to drive any amp into overdrive.

February 09
Retail packaging for the pickups is all complete.
Finished off a lefty Explorer for Gavin which features some pretty cool optic fibre inlays up the side of the neck. Also working on guitars for Anthony (DC) and Tony (SS).

January 09
Working hard to build up stocks of the new pickups. Toby has come on board to assist in the lead up to the official Australia wide release of our new line of passive pickups. Models so far are: Humbuckers - Old School, Old School +, Nunchucker, Hot Rock. Single Coils and P90's - Old School and Old School +

December 08
Got a bunch of special builds on for some close friends and good clients. Can't say too much, they want to keep these guitars out of the spotlight :)

Congratulation are in order for Graham Greene, on winning BEST ROCK INSTRUMENTAL at the Star Music Awards in Hollywood. Graham's winning song, Impressive Hair, was written and recorded in the space of a few hours, on Frank's SS CustomShop guitar. Well done Graham, we all knew that song was a winner!
Started filming the new Multiscale DVD. Can't wait for this one to be finished, but it will take a while so please be patient.

Ormsby handwound pickups coming soon............................. Ormsby Multiscale DVD coming soon