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Built in our Perth workshop


Ormsby; You know us for our high quality craftsmanship, mixed with unique finishes, premium features and awesome designs.
When you buy an Ormsby, you know you're getting a badass guitar.

Being a boutique company we can also offer that element of handmade quality, and now we're kicking things up a notch to introduce the "PC" models. Named after the man in charge, each PC model will be EXACTLY as the title suggests; Perry's Choice.

We're launching this new idea to coincide with our new website for 2021, and we're aiming to add a new Perry's Choice model to the webstore every month.
Each PC will be whatever he comes up with; hand built from scratch in our Perth warehouse, in any shape, colour, style and finish he chooses. This project will be his little baby where he can let his creativity and craftsmanship shine.  The best part? You'll get a unique, handmade guitar from our owner, Perry, and it will even be hand numbered with it's own exclusive PC number.

PC models are currently being crafted in any spare time we have, so keep an eye on the store for when these will be available for purchase.

Ormsby Guitars V Perrys Choice


Just like when you order an Ormsby CustomShop Guitar, our Factory Customs are hand crafted from scratch in our Perth warehouse; the only difference being is the amount of customisable options you have to choose from. Rather than going through the complete CustomShop design process where every shape, material, style and finish is meticulously designed to your specifications, introducing a line of Factory Customs allows us to build your dream guitar with a shorter waiting period as we give you the guidelines to choose what you want. 

For example, the Hypemachines below are Factory Customs. 
We start you off with the basics such as the model and body wood / exotic veneer available for use, and you choose the finishing touches which will include options like the colour, hardware, amount of switches/ knobs / pickups etc. Our Factory Customs are every bit as exciting as our CustomShop models, and you will still receive a high quality, handcrafted Ormsby from our Perth workshop.
All Factory Customs can be found in the online store when they're ready to go!

Ormsby Guitars Custom Black Friday Hype
Ormsby Guitars Factory
Ormsby Guitars Custom Black Friday Hype
Ormsby Guitars Custom Black Friday Hype
Ormsby Guitars Black Friday Hype